Sarah Jeffcoate

Having recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a first class degree in Ancient History, Sarah is currently living in Reading, but, being a huge theatre fan, she spends a great deal of her time in London. She has a passion for writing and hopes to pursue a career in the publishing industry; working alongside talented authors would be her dream. At the moment, however, she can be found indulging her cultural side, frequenting the London theatre scene, or curled up with a cup of tea and a good book.
Speculation, silence and Soviets: Silent Partners at the White Bear Theatre Club

The White Bear Theatre hosts the return of Charles Marowitz’ Silent Partners. A play which details Brecht’s working relationship with collaborator, Eric Bentley, it explores the tumultuous political and personal history of Brecht's time in America, showcasing some great acting talent in the process. Sadly, it lacks any detailed insight into Brecht's many works of genius, and for that, the performance is left wanting.

Saturday 29th June 2013
Honest, heart-warming and surprisingly hilarious: Mess at the Battersea Arts Centre

Performed at the Battersea Arts Centre, Mess tackles the uncomfortable subject of anorexia. Not at all what I was expecting, writer, Caroline Horton and China Plate collaborate to bring us a wonderfully funny and emotionally touching piece, sending the message that life is beautiful, even if it is a bit of a mess.

Saturday 18th May 2013
"Ethics are Overrated": Britain's Got Talons at the Hen and Chickens Theatre

Performed at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, Embers Productions presents a satirical tale of murder, music and somewhat questionable morality, in which the judge of a popular TV talent show is murdered, suspiciously, just as the show’s ratings are beginning to dwindle. Although a little tame, Britain's Got Talons follows an intriguing and amusing story in which all is not as it seems.

Saturday 27th April 2013
Opportunity Knocks: The Engineer's Thumb at Little Angel Theatre

At Little Angel Theatre, Dotted Line Theatre presents the engrossing and somewhat sinister tale of The Engineer's Thumb. With plenty of skilled acting and masterful puppetry, this performance teaches a lesson that you should be wary of certain opportunities. That being said, if you are given the opportunity to see this performance, grasp it with both hands. At the Little Angel Theatre

Saturday 23rd March 2013
A Classic Tale of Childhood: Prophesy at Blackall Studios

Performed at Blackall Studios, BAZ Productions explores the fascinating story of the classical heroes, Helen and Paris, venturing into their childhood and exploring the dreadful day in which they learnt their fates. With equal measures of humour and despair, and the promise of a different performance every night, Prophesy is a captivating story, well worth a watch.

Saturday 9th February 2013
Family Values: Steve And Then It Ended at Theatre503

Performed at Theatre503, Steve And Then It Ended recounts the story of one family’s last day on earth, spent eating a TV dinner. Although a little stunted, this comedic yet touching tale really makes you think about what matters most in life, with plenty of laughs along the way.

Saturday 12th January 2013
Magic, misbehaviour and merriment: A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Blue Elephant Theatre

Shakespeare’s classic tale of love, magic and trickery is presented in the frozen forests of winter by Lazarus Theatre Company. Performed at the Blue Elephant Theatre, this version does not quite live up to hopes of a wintry adaptation, but is nevertheless a wonderful interpretation of A Midsummer Night's Dream, perfect for an evening of Elizabethan frivolities during the festive season.

Saturday 1st December 2012
Witty and intelligent: The Shakespeare Conspiracy at The Chelsea Theatre

Performed at the Chelsea Theatre, The Shakespeare Conspiracy introduces us to a world in which Shakespeare’s characters are real, and the villains are plotting to destroy the world. In this slightly absurd yet humorous and clever script, ACS Random succeed in creating a story which explores the boundaries between reality and fiction whilst making Shakespeare accessible for everyone.

Saturday 10th November 2012
An Enchanting Tale: The Snow Spider at Ovalhouse

The Snow Spider follows nine year old Gwyn on his quest to realise his magical potential. Performed at Ovalhouse, the Io Theatre Company's adaptation of this beloved children's book is a wonderful and enchanting story, bound to please the child in everyone.

Saturday 3rd November 2012
Promising but confusing: Beatrice on Fire at the Blue Elephant Theatre

Beatrice on Fire is a one woman retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, intertwining the story of Beatrice with one of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. This work in progress contained some promising ideas, but, sadly, was altogether confusing. At the Blue Elephant Theatre.

Monday 15th October 2012
Pondering Regrets: A Life at the Finborough Theatre

With only six months to live, A Life follows the reflections of a civil servant and his desire to make amends with the people he has unwittingly hurt in his life. A bittersweet, heartfelt performance at the Finborough Theatre, this is a story which makes you realise that life is too short to have regrets.

Saturday 6th October 2012

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