Erika Holst

Erika Holst is a writer who moved to London from Stockholm three years ago to study Film and Creative Writing at Middlesex University in north London. She has also a BA from Stockholm University in Film, Literature and Art History. She wrote her dissertation in Sweden on Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies and her independent project at Middlesex was a play set in a bankrupt tailoring shop in west London. She has now graduated and is beginning an internship with Aurum Press in Camden. When not reading or writing she is trying to make the most of what London’s brilliant cultural life has to offer by seeing plays, going to the cinema and attending as many art exhibitions as possible. Read her blog here.
Royal Air Force Museum in London

The Royal Air Force museum is one of the largest and greatest aviation museums in the world, old-fashioned in the most positive sense. There is something here for everyone, from film nerds to anyone interested in history, science or engineering. Next time I go, however, I would give it more time, as you really need a day for this beast. 

Saturday 11th August 2012
In Astratto: Abstraction in Italy 1930-1980 at the Estorick Collection

In Astratto: Abstraction in Italy 1930-1980 is the Estorick Collection's summer exhibition, which provides a chronological look at Italian modern art from Radice to Olivieri. The exhibition could benefit by more extensive background information, but it is still definitely worth a visit.

Tuesday 24th July 2012
After the Party

In preparation for the London 2012 Olympics, a large part of East London has been renovated and massive new arenas have been built. All this change opens up the question of what will happen to all of this when the Olympics are over? This exhibition at RIBA looks at similar occasions when grand buildings have been built and places Olympic architecture in a wider context.

Monday 9th July 2012

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