Josey De Rossi

Drama teacher & artistic director; awarded PhD in Theatre History from the University of Sydney. Writer and researcher of drama courses & textbooks. Between 2002 – 2007 worked as artistic director, developing performance projects for young artists using emerging technologies. Arrived in London from Australia in 2008 and to work in the UK as a education resource developer in her own company Fantastic Learning Systems, an educational services that puts drama at the heart of e-learning.
Know where they're going: Where the White Stops at Battersea Arts Centre

Where the White Stops by Antler Theatre was a wonder to behold. To say the performance was heroic is literally true as the troupe of four – Daniela Pasquini, Nasi Voutsas and Jasmine Woodcock-Stewart and Daniel Ainsworth – enacted a beautifully imaginative and energetic piece of physical theatre in costumes fit for the North Pole in sauna-like heat conditions! At Battersea Arts Centre.

Wednesday 24th July 2013
War poetry: Forget Me Not at the Tea House Theatre

Why World War I poets are revered in English Literature while World War II poet Keith Douglas is largely forgotten poses are interesting question about our cultural values. A promising idea, however, left unrealized in Shane Burke’s Forget Me Not. At the Tea House Theatre.

Friday 19th July 2013
75 years of success for Thornton Wilder's Our Town at the King's Head Theatre

"Did you know that Our Town is the most performed play in the world after Shakepeare, with a performance of the play running every night in the United States since its premiere in 1938? Over 300,000 performances!" Artistic Director, Adam Spreadbury-Maher, at the opening of King's Head Theatre's 75th Anniversary Production of Wilder's Our Town.

Sunday 30th June 2013

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