A Postcard from Spain

See a concert of works by Rodrigo, Delibes, Poulenc, Ravel, Viardot-García, Halffter and De Falla with soloists Clara Mouriz (Mezzo-soprano) and Joseph Middleton (Piano)
This listing is in the past.
Rodrigo, Joaquin (1901-1999), Cuatro Madrigales Amatorios
Delibes, Léo (1836-1891), Les filles des Cadix
Poulenc, Francis (1899-1963), A sa guitare
Poulenc, Francis (1899-1963), Toreador
Ravel, Maurice (1875-1937), Vocalise-étude
Viardot-García, Pauline (1821-1910), Haï luli
Viardot-García, Pauline (1821-1910), Canción de la Infanta
Viardot-García, Pauline (1821-1910), Habanera
Halffter, Ernesto (1905-1989), Cançao do berço
Halffter, Ernesto (1905-1989), Gerinaldo
Halffter, Ernesto (1905-1989), Ai que linda moça
De Falla, Manuel (1876-1946), Siete canciones populares espanolas
Clara Mouriz, Mezzo-soprano
Joseph Middleton, Piano
This Postcard features songs not only by some of Spain’s most famous and best-loved composers but also by their French neighbours, Delibes, Poulenc and Ravel who were inspired – often so in Ravel’s case – by Spanish music and poetry. There are wider Iberian connections too, most notably in Christobal Halffter’s settings of Portuguese poetry and his excursion into Portugal’s beautiful fado tradition.

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