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3D: printing the future

3D printers inspire creativity: the exhibition wall is an explosion of over 600 printed objects. But where’s the real innovation?

Science Museum
Until Sunday 15th June 2014
Alec Cobbe: Designer, Collector, Connoisseur

For over 40 years Alec Cobbe has been a key figure in the understanding and presentation of historic painting collections and interiors.  He has also pursued a multi-faceted career as a designer, painter, picture restorer, collector and connoisseur. This display is drawn from the drawings, photographs and other archives which Alec Cobbe has generously donated to the V&A.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Until Sunday 18th May 2014
Are You Sitting Comfortably?

An exploration of design at the chalkface. This exhibition looks at some of the effects of environment and design on teaching and learning from the formality of the Victorian classroom to the outdoors self–directed learning of a wood school.

V&A Museum of Childhood
Until Sunday 1st June 2014
BP British Art Displays: Basic Design

This display explores the role that Basic Design – a new and radical approach to training in art schools – played in revolutionising art education across Britain in the 1950s and 1960s.

Tate Britain
From Monday 25th March 2013
Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

Travel back in time and experience the dramatic story of prehistoric Britain, its changing landscapes and the people that lived here in Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story.

Natural History Museum
Until Sunday 28th September 2014
British Music Experience

The British Music Experience is Britain's interactive museum of popular music. Combining cutting edge audio-visual technology with some of the most coveted music memorabilia of all time and the only exhibition where you can select your favourite content and media recordings to keep.

British Music Experience
Open daily
Celebrity Spex Scandal

This exhibition features the spectacles of a criminal optician, an obese but nonetheless vain writer, a fickle actor who ordered a prop and then rejected it, a product banned for sale in America and the glasses of several ‘famous’ people of whom you may never even have heard!

British Optical Association Museum
From Wednesday 14th September 2011
Charles Dickens and Victorian Cheam

Our first exhibition of the New Year will open in celebration of Dickens' 200th birthday. Visit Whitehall to find out what life was like for local people in the Victorian period.

From Wednesday 18th January 2012
Cheapside Hoard: A World Encompassed

The Cheapside Hoard is the stuff of legend – buried treasure is irresistible. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the hoard in its entirety not only dazzles the eye but also puts the gems in a wider context, as the Museum of London explores the world that valued them so highly.

Museum of London
Until Sunday 27th April 2014
Collider: step inside the world’s greatest experiment

The Science Museum brings an immersive model of the CERN Large Hadron Collider to its latest exhibition. Collider offers the unique opportunity to receive an introductory understanding of particle physics straight from the horse's mouth.

Science Museum
Until Tuesday 6th May 2014
Confiscation Cabinets

Artist Guy Tarrant's display cabinets show artefacts gleaned from 150 different London primary and secondary schools over three decades. These objects include homemade games, keepsakes, cult toys, peculiar adornments, weapons and other forbidden objects which characterise the flotsam and jetsam of contemporary school children. 

V&A Museum of Childhood
Until Sunday 1st June 2014
Designs of the Year 2014

Now in its seventh year, this pioneering international award and exhibition celebrates design across seven categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Transport and Product.

Design Museum
Until Sunday 22nd June 2014
DISCOVERIES: Art, Science & Exploration from the University of Cambridge Museums

Discoveries is an exhibition about imagination and knowledge, about the pleasures of looking, and the power of objects to generate wonder as well as new ideas. 

Two Temple Place
Until Sunday 27th April 2014, daily except Tuesday
Empire Builders: 1750 - 1950

This display is the first part of a season of exhibitions organised by the RIBA that looks at the global journey of British architecture abroad. 

Victoria and Albert Museum
Until Sunday 15th June 2014
Four Four Jew: Football, Fans and Faith

British Jews love football. They are twice as likely to go to a match as the general population. Four Four Jew: Football, Fans and Faith is a major new exhibition by the Jewish Museum London which will explore the untold story of Jews and the beautiful game, from the Sunday league to the Premier League.

Jewish Museum
Until Wednesday 30th April 2014, daily except Saturday
Herbs, the Garret and the Old Operating Theatre

In the past, medicines were made from plants, animals and even precious stones.
Learn how 'drugs' such as foxglove, myrrh and unicorn horns were used.
Examine real herbs in the attic space, originally used by the apothecary of St Thomas' Hospital.

Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret
From Thursday 6th January 2011
In the Making

This exhibition, curated for the Design Museum by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, captures over twenty objects mid-manufacture, putting the aesthetic of the unfinished centre stage. 

Design Museum
Until Sunday 4th May 2014
Lights, Camera, London!

This exhibition is the first since the Museum of London’s pioneering London on Film (1996) to show how London has been the setting - and often the star - of films for over a century. Using extracts and stills, together with rare costumes and props, Lights, Camera, London! reveals the range of what Samuel Johnson called ‘the wonderful immensity of London’. 

London Film Museum
From Saturday 19th January 2013
Longitude Punk'd

Opening Easter 2014, Longitude Punk’d at the Royal Observatory will celebrate the creations of wacky inventors, star-gazing scientists and extremely elegant explorers of the 18th century

Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Until Sunday 30th November 2014
Made in London: Jewellery Now

London serves as a training ground, workshop, market place and inspiration to a large number of jewellery makers. Made in London: Jewellery Now explores the creations and unique vision of the most exciting, imaginative and boundary-pushing jewellers working in the capital today.

Museum of London
Until Sunday 27th April 2014
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