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FUENTE OVEJUNATangram Theatre Company's revival of its critically acclaimed award-nominated 2010 re-imagining of Lope de Vega’s play at the CLF Art Cafe!

Written in 1612 and set in 1476, Lope’s account of the true story of rising up of the villagers of Fuente Ovejuna against the sexual tyranny of its overlord Fernán Gomez is regarded as one of the great classics of Golden Age Spanish Theatre.

More relevant than ever in the wake of the Arab Spring and London Riots, this new production smashes down the fourth wall to invite the audience to become one of the villagers of Fuente Ovejuna. Will the audience rise up to destroy the tyrant? And in rising up as a mob, where does individual responsibility for collective violence lie?

Mashing together Lope’s classic text with modern day pop songs, audience participation, excerpts from Shakespeare, and a Richard and Judy-style King and Queen of Thpain, our poor theatre adaptation invites audiences to discover Lope’s pastoral tragicomedy in all its bucolic slapstick humour and gut-wrenching brutality.

Each performance will feature a different combination of eleven performers selected from a working collective of twenty-plus performers. Furthermore, a different live band will perform a bespoke soundtrack to each performance as Fuente Ovejuna’s local wedding band.

What does Fuente Ovejuna mean?

A) The Sheep's Song

B) The Sheep's Well

C) The Sheep's Cave

Terms and Conditions: One entrant will win a pair of top price tickets, valid for the performance on August 18 at CLF Art Cafe, as well as 50 bottles of Alhambra Reserva Beer. No cash alternative. Travel not included.

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