Sadly, I didn't get the opportunity to see Stuart Saint's Dick! last year but apparently it went down so well that many people got so much pleasure from experiencing it that they gagged… with laughter! Fortunately, this year, I managed to squeeze it in. Dick! Comes Again: Bigger, Longer, Harder! returns to the appropriately tight space that is the Leicester Square Lounge. Well, if one can't review it in the true spirit…

As with most seasonal pantomimes, there is a well-established, credible plot to follow, with characters who represent both ends of the moral spectrum, where one invests in their journeys and leaves with a sense of satisfaction that good has triumphed over evil. Or am I taking these tales too seriously? Either way, this one has more than your average "entendres", most of them being positively single and inevitably these are met with groans as they are spurted out, thick and fast.

Plot spoilers aside, we're plunged into the depths of Soho-ho by the very dirty-minded Dick and his frisky cat Dave as they launch on an adventure (via a ship called the Leaky Vessel) to recover the key to the chastitty (sic) belt of Alice Fitznicely, the adopted niece of sex club owner Sofonda Cox, so that Dick can… make her a woman, so to speak. They are aided (and abetted) by the Fairy Bell-End and of course, impeded by the dastardly Queen Runt.

Although there is a fair bit of "rehearsed" ad-lib going on, which admittedly amuses, the cast were kept on their toes following an incident of scenery malfunction which proved to affirm their ability as consummate professionals. I must admit the first act, as punchy and riotous as it is, is no match for the energetic frenzied ensemble-led commotion that is the second act, which has more laughs and songs per minute than you can shake a magic stick at. The audience lapped it up and, although the demographic was by no means fixed, this particular panto is definitely not one for the kids!

The Very Miss Dusty 'O', an established drag queen on the circuit, plays Sofonda Cox, who appears in many glamorous wigs and feathered and sequinned costumes and is a cross between a Christmas turkey in foil, Norma Desmond and "Bette Davis… after the stroke!" Her experience in repartee with members of the audience ensures that there is never a dull moment. Dave Bibby's Dick (you know you want it) is as animated and enthusiastic as can be with hip gyrations and a codpiece to make your eyes water. Nick Read as Dave the cat – or as he corrects everyone "El Davo" – gives his feline the raucous charm of a Spanish matador with a predilection for S&M, but without the gore, and proves to have great comic timing. He shoehorns in a topical joke about Nigella Lawson and, as he delivers a rousing speech, momentarily breaks out of character to ask, "is Grandage in?"

Laura Hyde perfectly embodies the innocent Alice Fitznicely, all ginger and freckles in dungarees looking like she might be Augustus Gloop's sister, but equally manages to knock out a killer Jamaican-style rap following a sweet "Happy Twerking" song. Laura Curnick's cockney Fairy Bell-End is straight out of EastEnders but has a solid voice and is a delight opening the show with "Dirty Pantomime" to the tune of "9 to 5". Equally, Paula Masterson, as the tartan-clad Queen Runt, brings on the baddie and beckons the boos but with a superb vocal range, demonstrated in a great trio with the other girls in "Enough is Enough" while the boys bust some excellent moves.

Essentially, it's great entertainment. Dick! Comes Again: Bigger, Longer, Harder! is not for the faint hearted, of course, but what it lacks in originality of individual one-liners, it makes up for in the ensemble efforts. There are a few show-stoppers: "You can do anything you like when you're at sea" was one of the most hilarious numbers which referenced practically every sexual activity that exists but the high-energy Carry On-style number "If I weren't on the stage", performed with such gusto, had everyone in stitches. I honestly can't repeat any of it here. These and the finale comprising parodies of "Blurred Lines" and "Wrecking Ball" are well worth the ticket price alone.

Dick! Comes Again, at Leicester Square Theatre

One of the crudest adult pantomimes in town returns with songs, laughs and a massive dildo. Entertaining escapism for smut-lovers everywhere. At the Leicester Square Theatre.