Let's start with the most frequently asked questions about listings input - if these don't apply, please read on below!

  • How do I register to add listings?

You'll need to register as a new user - click Log In in the top right-hand corner of any page in the site to begin. See BEFORE WE BEGIN below.

  • How do I add a listing?

Once you're registered, you'll be able to add basic listings information for your event, completely free of charge. See HOW TO ADD A BASIC LISTING below.

  • How do I edit a listing?

You can edit listings that you have entered or are happening at a venue/produced by a company that you have edit privileges for. See EDITING A LISTING below.

  • How do I add my venue to One Stop Arts?

If we don't list your venue, please email becky.brewis@bachtrack.com and we'll add your venue details to the site. Venues on One Stop Arts do not have separate pages and are not searchable – you will not be able to edit/amend venues yourself. In all cases, please email becky.brewis@bachtrack.com with any venue questions.

  • Can I add a phone number/email address/link to my listing?

Basic listings cannot contain any booking information, box office information or ticket pricing information – these are all premium options, and can be bought as part of our Premium Listings package. We assume a phone number/email address/link will be primarily to sell tickets, and we cannot allow basic listings this privilege. See How to Advertise on One Stop Arts for more details.

  • My listing isn't appearing on the site! What's gone wrong?

All content added to One Stop Arts must be approved by an editor before it goes live (ie. is visible to all site users). Please wait a couple of hours and check back. For more information, see OUR APPROVAL QUEUE below.

  • My listing has been Rejected – what do I do?

Your listing has been "Rejected" by an editor, probably because it doesn't conform to our guidelines: see LISTINGS GUIDELINES below. You will be emailed with an editor's notes on what needs amending before you "Resubmit" – we'd also recommend looking at OUR APPROVAL QUEUE below to understand how listings are approved on One Stop Arts.

  • I'm getting an error message - what's gone wrong?

In the first instance, please email becky.brewis@bachtrack.com with the error code displayed on your screen. If you aren't getting an error code, please try and detail exactly what you were doing and what went wrong. We'd also strongly recommend the following steps:

  1. Copy-paste any copy you've added to the site into a word processor (to save it).
  2. Refresh the Internet page.
  3. Make sure you have cookies enabled.



To add listings to One Stop Arts, you must register as a new user – this is done by clicking Log In in the top right-hand corner, then Register as a New User... You will be asked to enter:

  • An email address (which you will also use to Log In to the site in future)
  • A password
  • Your name
  • Your phone number (this must be accurate if you want to input events)

And, once you tick the box saying you'd like to add events to our database:

  • Who you'd like to add events for

Please make sure the above information is accurate. You will be asked to enter a confirmation code, which has been emailed to the email address given, before you can continue – the email also contains a link to where to enter the confirmation code, if you lose the browsing window.

Once you have registered to add listings, one of our editors will need to approve you to do so – please await an email confirming that you are allowed to add listings, you WILL NOT be able to add listings until then. You will also receive an email with basic listings entry guidelines.



You should now have a username (your email address) and password - click Log In in the top right-hand corner and enter these to continue. Once logged in, you should see a Listings Menu under the right-hand ad boxes – My listings will let you see the listings you have entered, while Add a listing will let you add listings to the site. Let's start with adding a listing.

You will now need to select the venue where your event is taking place, and the date when it is taking place. If your venue is not listed, you will need to email becky.brewis@bachtrack.com to have it added to the site.

If we already have an event listed at the same venue at the same time, you will see a list of potential events you might be duplicating - PLEASE DO NOT DUPLICATE EVENTS! If your event is already listed, please contact becky.brewis@bachtrack.com so that we can give you ownership of the event and you can edit it.

You will now be on the Main tab of our Add a Listing page, where you can enter all of the information about your event.

  • Category: what section of the site you'd like your event listed.
  • Venue and Start Date: should already be filled with the information you gave earlier - make sure those are correct.
  • Repeat type: Choose from the following options:
    • Single for a one-off event - the date should already be given.
    • Daily for an event or exhibition which takes place every day - an End Date bar will appear, please add the end date so the listing lists the entireity of the run.
    • Weekly for an event or exhibition that happens on the same days each week - an End Date bar will appear, as will a selection of Week Day tick-boxes, please add the end date and what week days your event runs on.
    • Multiple for an event or exhibition which has several performances on different dates - a bar marked Occurances will appear, please add each individual occurance with a date and a time.
  • Running time: how long your event will last.
  • Name: what your event is called. Please note that this is the name that will appear in site search.
  • Description: A brief description of your event, up to 500 words.
  • Teaser text: this will appear in site search. Please keep to 60 words.
  • Listings Tags: you may add up to 5 listings tags - the Tag Name allows you to tag something specific (ie Playwright or Artist or Actor), and the Tag Value is whatever you choose. These tags will collect your listings with others that are tagged the same (ie. "Free" or "Playwright: Shakespeare") and increase search visibility.

Once you are finished, click Submit, and one of our editors will approve the listing before it is live. If we Reject your listing, it is because you have done something incorrectly or the listing doesn't conform to our Listings Guidelines - we will make basic changes to fit our site guidelines, but otherwise will reject listings and email you.



On the right hand side of the site, below the two ad boxes, is your Listings Menu. Apart from Add New Listing, which is covered above, you can see All listings or use the Listings control panel.

All listings shows a list of all listings you are authorised to edit. These will either be listings you had added, or basic listings we have added for you. If there is a listing on the site that you SHOULD be authorised to edit, email becky.brewis@bachtrack.com.

If you have a lot of listings (current and past), we recommend using the listings control panel, which allows you to access listings with different statuses in our APPROVAL QUEUE (see below) more easily.

From either, click View (on the left-hand side of the list item) to see how the listing appears on the site. Once viewing the listing, you will be able to Edit or Preview it - both of which should be under the right-hand ad boxes and above your Listings Menu. Previewing a listing shows you how it will appear in various search results, while editing it will take you to the Edit screen.

As with ADDING A BASIC LISTING (see above), you will have access to the Main tab and the ability to change the listing's Category, Venue, Start Date, Repeat type, Running time, Name, Description, Teaser text and Listings Tags.

Once you've made your edits, you will need to Submit them as an Amendment to the existing listing. As with basic listings, these will need to be Approved by an editor before they appear on the site – and Amendments can also be Rejected if they don't conform to our LISTINGS GUIDELINES (see below)!



If you have purchased Premium Listings, you will have access to the Premium tab at the top of the Add New Listing page when ADDING A BASIC LISTING (see above). Add your regular listings content as before, then use the Premium tab to add:

  • Ticketing Link: a link to where people can buy tickets for your event.
    • You can choose if this applies to a specific date/time
    • Please add the link itself, including "http://"
    • Please mark which customer account this applies to (ie. if you work for multiple venues/companies, which one has paid for this Premium Listing), and make sure it contains your username.
    • You can also choose to embargo ticket offers until a certain date – ie. not have the ticket offers showing until a certain date on OneStopArts.
  • Carousel Images: the carousel is the rotating selection of images at the top right of the page - you can add up to three carousel images with a Premium Listing. 
    • For each image you will be asked to give a caption and a credit, as well as a description
    • You can then upload your images - please note that images can be no larger than 620 pixels wide and 372 pixels tall - absolute maximum. If your images are different sizes, please use a photo-editor (Gimp and Paint.Net are two good free options) to make them the correct size. 
    • Once you have uploaded the images AND saved the listing as a draft, when you edit the existing images you can use our site image editor to zoom and pan if images are not quite right.
  • Youtube Code: if you’d like a video INSTEAD of the rotating carousel of images, please upload a video to Youtube and then copy the letter string at the END OF THE EMBED CODE into this box.
  • Thumbnail Image: this image will appear in search listings instead of our basic blue box. 
    • Please note that images MUST BE 100 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall
    • We recommend that your image contains the name of the event, as otherwise readers will have to hover their mouse over the image to see what it is for. 
    • You may also add a caption and credit for the thumbnail.
  • Embargo: the ability to embargo your event. This allows you to hide your listings until a certain date - your event will not be visible on site until the embargo date.

All of these options are only available if you purchase Premium Listings!



Apart from the basic entry/edit guidelines above, we also edit the site to the following guidelines: if your listing submission has been rejected, it's probably for one of the following reasons:

  • We ONLY list and review events in London – we define London relatively loosely (somewhere between the M25 and a London post-code), and are happy to discuss borderline cases, but currently do not go beyond that.
  • We ONLY list and review certain types of event: music, dance, opera, theatre, visual arts, museums and kids events. We have an Other section, but if the category you are looking for (ie. comedy) does not exist, it is because we don't list events in that category - so please don’t add the events, we will not approve them.
  • We define listings specifically by venue – if your event happens at multiple venues, you must add more than one listing!
  • The times listed must use the correct repeat type – Single events only happen once, Daily events happen every day between two dates, Weekly events happen on the same days each week, and Multiple events need an Occurance for each date/time the events happen!
  • The times box is open text so that you can enter one of the above repeat types and use the box for more detail – but if it gets too complicated, please use a different repeat type.
  • Please DO NOT use all capital letters for listings names.
  • If you are copy-pasting text from a word processor, we recommend open-format pasting: Control + Shift + "V" instead of Control + "V" – as this removes formatting that may look strange on OneStopArts, then editing within the text box given.
  • DO NOT add booking links, contact information, pictures, website addresses or video - unless you've purchased Premium Listings!
  • Your teasers will appear when users search the site, you needn't add listings information, they are automatically attached to the listing.



Every change to the One Stop Arts database by anyone except an editor must go through an approval queue – NO CONTENT will appear immediately on site! We class content as follows:

Draft: New content that has been saved to the site as a draft, is not visible to other site users, and will not be Approved by an editor until it is Submitted.

Submitted: New content that has been added, is not visible to other site users, and must be Approved by an editor to be visible to all users.

Approved: Content that has been Approved by an editor and is visible to all site visitors.

Rejected: Content that has been Rejected by an editor and will need to be Resubmitted and Approved before it is visible to all site visitors.

Amended: Existing content that has been edited and must be Approved by an editor to be visible to all users.

Withdrawn: Content that was Approved, was Withdrawn by either the owner (who submitted the listing) or an editor, and is not visible to other site users.

Old: Content that was Amended retains the original submitted, approved content as Old, which is not visible to other site users.

Trash: All content that is deleted is marked as Trash.

You will see these under "Status" when viewing "My listings".


If you have any questions about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact Becky Brewis on 02083472923 or at becky.brewis@bachtrack.com.