Which is London's favourite Off West End theatre venue? Vote here! *

We at One Stop Arts are on a mission to find London's favourite Off West End theatre venue.

We're not talking about red carpets and waistcoated ushers – this is about finding the venue that for you, sums up what London's Off West End theatre scene is all about.

How you judge it is up to you – maybe its the one you think showcases the best new writing, or digs up the rarest classics. Maybe it's the one with the quirkiest building, or where you can get a decent pint during the interval. But we'd like to know which Off West End theatre – out of all of London's weird and wonderful venues – you call your favourite.

Please fill out the form below to vote. We're asking for your email just to ensure that people don't vote twice, and feel free to use the comments section as well to defend your choice. We'd love to hear your stories about the venues you care most about, and why you think they make the London theatre scene what it is.

Voting closes at midnight on Wednesday 18 December.